Bill & Ted, again?

For quite a while, Keanu Reeves expressed interest in reuniting with his time-tripping accomplice Alex Winter to catch up with the Wyld Stallyns some two decades after their last bogus journey.

Alas, strange things are afoot. Instead of a third BILL & TED'S mondo expedition, it sounds like all we'll get is a refried variation of the first flick with new young actors portraying the inadvertently heroic California doofuses.

According to Moviehole, the restart will again revolve around a pair of dim high schoolers who use a "funky" new phone to jaunt back in time and learn about the famous folks (such as Gandhi and Calamity Jane) they skipped in class. And their band is now called... Atomic Gorillas. Heinous.

The assumption is that this updated version from MGM will slide right into DVD players (along with quite a few other remakes and sequels of their catalog), although that may depend on the quality of cast it attracts. Whoa?
Extra Tidbit: What number am I thinking of?
Source: Moviehole.net



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