Bioshock: the movie?

Without exaggeration, BIOSHOCK was one of the most remarkable videogame experiences I've ever had (and from someone who's been gaming since "next-gen" consoles were Intellivision and Vectrex, that's saying something). The game offered a compelling narrative and a unique world that I genuinely wanted to explore. It created the kind of story that would make a great movie. Assuming, of course, that it doesn't get completely cocked up, like every other videogame movie.

According to Joystiq, an unnamed movie production company has established a rapport with the game's developer 2K, and want to bring BIOSHOCK's amazing retro realm to reality using 300-style green-screen and CG techniques. We've all seen some outstanding videogames get shredded or sodomized in their translation to the big screen, so lets just hope the developers keep the reins tight on their intellectual property.

Set in the 1960s, the game follows a man whose plane crashes near the underwater city called Rapture. Built by a businessman as a sanctuary for brilliant scientists and artists to freely practice their crafts, Rapture fell into chaos as the inhabitants slowly became obsessed with genetic modification.

Some of the game's elements would obviously need to be omitted or condensed to account for the restrictions of time and structure of a feature film, but otherwise it's perfect. Just take the game and put it on the screen, would you kindly?
Extra Tidbit: Earlier in development, BIOSHOCK was set in the near future on a tropical island where Nazi bio-experimentation had taken place.
Source: Joystiq



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