Bioware making Mass Effect anime film for 2012

Yes, an actual Mass Effect movie is on the distant horizon, but Bioware doesn't want to wait that long to make a feature film out of their series. After the release of ME3 in 2011, they'll be crafting a Mass Effect anime movie.

They're working with Funimation in North America and T.O. Enteraintment in Japan to bring the idea to life, and the concept has already been applied to games like Dante's Inferno and Dead Space.

I have a very special place in my heart for the Mass Effect series, so much so that in addition to sinking hundreds of hours into the two titles, I've bought every DLC, read every comic and even downloaded that damn iPhone game where you play as the one black guy who shows up in ME2 looking like a completely different black guy. And what, there are novels too? Shit, I gotta get on those.

So needless to say, I'm pretty excited for a Mass Effect movie in any form. I fully believe that if enough effort was devoted to it, the series could rival Star Wars in a lot of ways. It's just such a deep, fascinating universe.

What does this mean for these series? ME3 is supposed to be the "final" chapter, so what does a 2012 movie imply about the future of the property?

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