Birds of Prey movie has found its director in Cathy Yan

As the DCEU struggles to find its footing, Warner Bros. and DC seem to be focusing on what they know is working for them. One very bright spot in their series so far is Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, who earned raves coming out of SUICIDE SQUAD. The studio has a lot of plans for her, including more SUICIDE SQUAD and perhaps a solo outing. Another film set to include her will be based on the "Birds of Prey" comics, and the film has finally secured a director in newcomer Cathy Yan.

Deadline got the scoop that Yan has been picked to helm the team-up movie focusing on an all-female line-up, making her the second female director in the DC universe after Patty Jenkins (WONDER WOMAN). Word is Robbie (who is also producing) fought hard for a female director, and apparently, Yan blew them away with her presentation. Aside from a few short films, Yan only has one, small feature under her belt – the film DEAD PIGS – which won World Cinema Dramatic Award For Ensemble Acting at Sundance in January.

This is the biggest development for the BIRDS OF PREY movie since it was announced last year, but with not much else in the way of detail coming out. The all-female team which includes Quinn, Oracle/Barbara Gordon, Black Canary, and Huntress. We don’t know who will be in the movie for sure, but we do know this movie’s writer, Christina Hodson, will also be writing the upcoming Batgirl movie. Quinn will next be seen in SUICIDE SQUAD 2, which should begin filming soon Gavin O'Connor at the film, followed by a potential Harley Quinn/Joker movie and GOTHAM CITY SIRENS. 

Not much is happening on the DCEU front, so this is nice development to hear about, and confirmation the studios are moving forward with some of the plans they announced in the past. They don’t seem to be as focused on making a series of movies that all connect together so much as they are trying to carve out their own place in this vast expanse of superhero movies. BIRD OF PREY is a strong choice that will help them standout, and the best of luck to Yan and her crew!

Word is BIRDS OF PREY could begin filming late this year or next year.

Source: Deadline



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