Bittersweet: Freaks and Geeks cast reunited for Vanity Fair comedy issue

There are a several shows out there that I wish would have gotten a second season, but this is one that almost feels complete (I still have debates about this in my head) as it is: FREAKS AND GEEKS.

Vanity Fair brought the cast back together for their "Comedy issue" with none other than, Judd Apatow serving as editor. Paul Feig, Apatow, Dan McDermott (then head of DreamWorks Television), and Scott Sassa got together to talk about what made the show work and what made it fail miserably. If you've got some time, it's a good read. Feig also wrote out the future's of each character. While I may not have needed to know what happened with most of the characters, I was curious where Lindsay would go. I was happy to find that Feig addressed that mystery.

Below you will find the reunited cast photos. There are also unseen pics from the set of the show over here.

Front row: Jason Schwartzman, Natasha Melnick, John Francis Daley, Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Busy Philipps, Sarah Hagan, Stephen Lea Sheppard, and Samaire Armstrong. Back row: Lizzy Caplan, Becky Ann Baker, Joe Flaherty, David Krumholtz, Samm Levine, Martin Starr, Seth Rogen, Dave “Gruber” Allen, and Thomas F. Wilson.

Extra Tidbit: How is Linda Cardellini so mind-blowingly hot?!
Source: Vanity Fair



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