Black Angel, the long lost short shown with The Empire Strikes Back, is coming to Netflix and iTunes in 2014

Back at the end of 2012, news came that Roger Christian's long lost short film BLACK ANGEL has been found. Newly restored, the short premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival last week and will now be getting a full digital release via Netflix and iTunes in 2014.

The film was long thought lost until the negative was re-discovered recently. Only those who saw the original theatrical run of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK got to witness the 25 minute film that inspired George Lucas as well as the films EXCALIBUR, LEGEND, and HELLBOY. The film was the debut as director for Christian who served as Art Director for STAR WARS and ALIEN before moving into directing. His most infamous work was the 2000 bomb BATTLEFIELD EARTH. But don't hold that against him as BLACK ANGEL looks absolutely stunning.

Here is the synopsis:

A knight returning from the Crusades who is transported to a mystical realm where he must rescue a princess from a black knight."

If that doesn't pique your interest, check out the two brand new clips for the remastered film. The cinematography is gorgeous and instantly reminded me of LEGEND. You can also see how the film inspired the Dagobah scenes in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Hopefully it premieres early in 2014 as I cannot wait to see it.



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