Black Panther heading for estimated $101 million sophomore weekend

Coming as a shock to no one on the planet earth, BLACK PANTHER is dominating this weekend’s box office. New releases GAME NIGHT and ANNIHILATION stood no chance against the Wakandan hero, and right now the estimates for PANTHER’s second weekend put it squarely in line with the $100+ million projections.

Right now, the current weekend estimates (via Box Office) place the movie at $101 million for its sophomore weekend, making it the fourth movie to hit above $100 million in this frame. Should the actual weekend total hit this number, it will place behind the second-weekend totals of FORCE AWAKENS ($149 million), JURASSIC WORLD ($106 million) and THE AVENGERS ($103 million).

PANTHER started off the terrific second weekend with a strong $28.8 million on Friday, which is ever so slightly under the $29.1 million and $29.2 million of WORLD and AVENGERS. This means PANTHER is holding just as well as those previous movies at the box office, and if it keeps up with this trend, should make it to the $600 million area by the end of its run.

As for the other new films this weekend, GAME NIGHT is gunning for second place with an estimated $15.5 million for the weekend, which is a solid total considering the competition. The movie could play well given the lack of major comedies on the upcoming docket, with strong reviews (81% Rotten Tomatoes) and word of mouth (a B+ Cinemascore and 89% audience score on RT) carrying it.

Meanwhile, the female-led ANNIHILATION is coming in at fourth place with an estimated $10 million. The new movie from EX MACHINA’s Alex Garland received great reviews with an 87% on RT, but audiences apparently don't feel the same way. Destined to be divisive given the art-house style, the movie received a poor C Cinemascore and a 68% on RT from audiences. 

Though PANTHER’s total this weekend is less surprising than last weekend’s but is no less impressive. The movie is doing gangbusters business as it transcends into becoming as much a social movement as it is a massive event movie. Should it get even close to $600 million it proves the movie tapped into something special that other movie’s just couldn’t, which is one quality all the movies that have made that much share. Oh, and get off your butts and go see ANNIHILATION!

BLACK PANTHER, GAME NIGHT and ANNIHILATION are all in theaters now!!

Source: Box Office



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