Black Panther is already the third-highest grossing MCU movie

Even by comic book movie standards, BLACK PANTHER is absolutely destroying at the box office. The movie blew everyone away during its opening weekend, and for its second weekend, it surprised yet again by having the second-biggest sophomore weekend ever. It’s shredding all other superhero movies in its path, and that includes virtually every other movie in the Marvel franchise.

As of Monday, BLACK PANTHER was able to hit $411 million at the domestic box office, passing the domestic run of IRON MAN 3 ($409 million) to become the third-highest grossing Marvel movie after only less than two weeks. The only two movies above it are AVENGERS ($623 million) and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON ($459 million). As of now, the movie has made $727 million worldwide, and that number will increase as it inches closer to the $1 billion mark.

BLACK PANTHER may be number three right now, but the total of AVENGERS 2 is in the movie’s sights, and by the end of this weekend the new Marvel hit will have topped the team-up flick as it nears $500 million domestically. In fact, possibly by the time you read this, the movie will have already passed last year’s top domestic comic book outing, WONDER WOMAN ($412 million), by a healthy margin.

PANTHER’s run continues to be astronomical, and after a few days, it became clear the movie would bound past the other MCU titles. At this point, though, it’s a little too early for me to call it and say it will top the AVENGERS stateside. The movie is doing well now with limited competition, but if WRINKLE IN TIME does well it will cut into the business a bit, as will movies like PACIFIC RIM and READY PLAYER ONE come March. Still, this is a tremendous run for even a big blockbuster, and I think it’s teaching Hollywood a valuable lesson in what audiences want in their movies.

Go see BLACK PANTHER again and keep those numbers up!



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