Block your ears, more changes to the original Star Wars movies

If you're excited for the impending release of the STAR WARS Blu-Ray box set, it's possible you've gained a tolerance to the tragedy of the prequels and George Lucas' perpetual tinkering with the original trilogy.

You can prepare yourself early for more of the galaxy-maker's mucking around -- there are reportedly some audio changes being made to the STAR WARS OT, including (but almost assuredly not limited to) the ones recently revealed below and verified by Badass Digest.

Apparently to keep some kind of weird continuity with Darth Hayden's hilariously melodramatic cry of "NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!" from the end of REVENGE OF THE SITH, ol' George has looped in a similar moan of anger when Vader chucks the Emperor to his doom in JEDI.

And then there's the replacement for Ben Kenobi's Krayt Dragon shriek he used in STAR WARS to spook the Sandpeople, which now sounds more like a Tauntaun unsuccessfully trying to fend off anal intrusion by a Rancor. Which I suppose would have the same terrifying effect on anyone who hears it.

Expect to see lists of all the alterations to the movies (this time, anyway) as review copies of the set make the rounds, but for now you can experience the new noises below. (Note that the footage itself is from a previous release, dubbed with the new leaked audio.)

Extra Tidbit: Sadly, "NNOOOOOO!!!" is a word that nobody can (or will) say to George Lucas.
Source: Badass Digest



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