Blood and money reign in The Riot Club trailer


If you're not familiar with writer/directer Lone Scherfig (AN EDUCATION), it looks like this next film might be a solid entry point. THE RIOT CLUB focuses on a couple of Oxford students who are invited to join an infamous secret society called . . . The Riot Club! Elitism and hell-raising are top priorities until something goes wrong. JoBlo's own Chris Bumbray reviewed the film at TIFF (you can check it out here) and said that "THE RIOT CLUB wound up being one of the TIFF films that stayed with me the most after seeing it." That definitely warrants a look from me, but you can check out the trailer below!

The plot synopsis is as follows:

Filthy. Rich. Spoiled. Rotten. A band of over-privileged rich boys run wild in this savagely funny satire of money, sex and power. In the elite realm of Oxford University, no society is more exclusive than The Riot Club, the ultra-selective fraternity for Britain’s most privileged sons. When he’s recruited to join, down-to-earth first-year student Miles (Max Irons) is at first amused—but he’s about to get a taste of upper-crust entitlement at its ugliest when a hedonistic night of drinking and drugs spins out of control.

I owe writer/director Lone Scherfig for introducing me to Carey Mulligan via AN EDUCATION, but that aside, she seems to employ some very solid actors for her films. In that regard, I'm very curious to check up on THE RIOT CLUB. The kids look apropriately snobby and not necessarily the kind of folks I want to follow throughout an entire movie, but I suppose that's part of the point. In that regard, I hope this film is akin to ATTACK THE BLOCK in that the characters grow on you over the course of the film.

THE RIOT CLUB will see a limited theatrical and VOD release on March 27, 2015.

Source: IFC Films



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