Blood Diamond director Edward Zwick will no longer helm supernatural story The Great Wall

Edward Zwick directing BLOOD DIAMOND

Edward Zwick has directed his fair share of movies showcasing unique moments of bravery in human history. But while many elements of his many historical movies have been fiction, with facts being shifted and twisted to better fit a dramatic story, never has he outright taken on monsters and the supernatural.

And while for a time it looked like Zwick was set to do just that with Legendary Entertainment's THE GREAT WALL, Zwick has for reasons unknown decided to not keep the gig.  Had he done so, he would have directed Benjamin Walker (ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER) and Henry Cavill (MAN OF STEEL) in the story of "British warriors who happen upon the hurried construction of the massive wall. As night falls, the warriors realize that the haste in building the wall isn’t just to keep out the Mongols — there is something inhuman and more dangerous."

The project was recently delayed due to a combination of weather issues and money issues, with Chinese stars such as Zhang Ziyi (MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, HERO) being brought on in the hopes their presence would attract the remaining funds needed.  Despite Zwick's exit THE GREAT WALL is still expected to start shooting next year - who would you pic to helm a supernatural epic set in 15th century China?

Jennifer Connelly on couch

Going with this BLOOD DIAMOND theme I seem to have chosen...

Extra Tidbit: Zwick's past projects dealing with moments of great bravery at some important historical juncture include: GLORY, THE LAST SAMURAI, BLOOD DIAMOND, and DEFIANCE.



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