Blood poster

Yesterday we got the promising new trailer for BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE, which featured a better indication of the film's anime roots. Plus all kinds of over-the-top Hong Kong style action, and a lethal chick in a schoolgirl outfit. Why would you need more?

Below is the new poster for the film, with the deadly gal front and center. The movie is the "live-action feature movie of the original Japanese anime feature film from a producer of CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON and HERO. Gianna (MY SASSY GIRL) stars in the film as Saya, a 400-year-old demon-hunting vampire slayer working undercover in Japan for a secret organization, on a mission in the Vietnam War era. The cast also includes Koyuki (THE LAST SAMURAI), Michael Byrne (GANGS OF NEW YORK), Colin Salmon (RESIDENT EVIL), and Allison Miller (“Kings”). The film features stunt choreographed by Corey Yuen (TRANSPORTER 3), is produced by Bill Kong and Abel Nahmias, with screenplay by Chris Chow."

Extra Tidbit: "Now that she's here there will be blood." I can't decide if that tagline is kind of brilliant or just extra cheesy.
Source: Sony



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