Blu Trouble in Little China

All you righteous fans of John Carpenter's bizarro supernatural chopsockey cult classic BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA are in for a treat -- namely, more of the movie.

On August 4th the Blu-Ray release blasts into your house via the Pork Chop Express, and it comes with an extended cut of the film. What that version includes and how much of it are the questions, but more Burton is better, indeed!

The specs:

· Feature -Theatrical Version and Extended Cut
· Commentary by Director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell
· 9 Deleted Scenes
· Extended Ending
· Vintage Featurette
· Music Video
· Richard Edlund Interview
· Trailer A & B
· 6 TV Spots
· Behind the Scenes Gallery

That's right -- it comes with the video for that snappy, super-synthy theme song performed by Carpenter and his band. If only the whole thing was packaged in a six-demon bag.

Extra Tidbit: You can get replicas of the iconic tank top worn by Kurt Russell in the flick, plus other groovy BIG TROUBLE items like T-shirts, trucker hats and Wang Chi's jacket, at the Wing Kong Exchange.
Source: Fox



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