Bob Einstein, creator of the Super Dave Osborne character, has passed at 76

Sadly, it would appear as if 2019 isn't wasting anytime with regard to claiming the lives of those near and dear to us throughout the entertainment industry. Earlier today, it was announced that two-time Emmy winner Bob Einstein, who enjoyed playing a recurring character on HBO's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM in addition to creating the comedic daredevil character Super Dave Osborne, has died today in Indian Wells, California. Osborne had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and had succumbed to the wicked disease at age 76.

Many will know Einstein as the Frick to Larry David's Frack, Marty Funkhouser, an easily-aggitated friend of Larry's on the long-running cringe-worthy comedy series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. However, those who feel like they're getting a little long in the tooth might recall Einstein's zany antics as Super Dave Osborne, an enthusiastic daredevil whose stunts would often go awry, leading Dave into one hilariously dangerous scenario after another. As an example, Super Dave once acted as a human yo-yo, spinning up and down until a broken string sent the mock-stuntman hurtling toward a rushing ravine. There was also that time that Dave climbed inside of a giant football, which was meant to be catapulted across the field for an incredible goal, but was instead spiked promptly to the ground, resulting in a faux trip to the hospital.

In addition to his work on Curb and the creation of the Super Dave Osborne character, Einstein became a member of the writing staff for SMOTHERS BROTHERS, a variety act consisting of American folk singers, musicians, and comedians, which got its star in the late 1960s. Einstein had earned an Emmy for his Smothers Brothers writing in 1969. He then earned another Emmy in 1977 for his work on Dick Van Dyke's flash-in-the-pan variety show on NBC called Van Dyke and Company. In addition to applying his seasoned skills for comedy to the writing of the program, Einstein also appeared as a performer alongside a young and spotlight-hungry Andy Kaufman.

Einstein's death was confirmed by his brother, comedian and filmmaker Albert Brooks. Brooks offered a brief yet heartfelt goodbye to his brother via Twitter, which you can read for yourself below:

As always, we here at JoBlo would like to extend our warmest wishes to Mr. Einstein's family, friends and fans as we all process this terrible loss. Here's hoping they have some stunts that are worthy of the great Super Dave Osborne in the hereafter. Safe travels, good sir.



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