Boiled & Sin City 2

Is SIN CITY 2 moving along? Slowly.

Mania.com spoke with producer Stephen L'Heureux and got some information about a couple of comic films he's got coming up. Two of them are from Frank Miller.

One of the was of course SIN CITY 2, which seems like a tornado of rumors in development hell. However, L'Heureux says that CITY 2 will go into production during the second half of 2010. The sequel will be getting a different treatment, instead of using the graphic novels for the screenplay, Miller will write an original script. Of course, like the first, Miller will co-direct with Rodriguez.

Well, we already knew that it was going to be a long while if we ever saw the second installment especially since Miller is going to do a movie based on one of his other comics, HARD BOILED. The movie is in the very early stages says L'Heureux "We're still developing it. We got the project in turnaround from Warner Bros and Frank. It's such a pleasure to work with someone like Frank Miller. He's so smart and passionate about story at all levels from 1940s noir pulp to modern film." The comic is insanely but brilliantly violent. The main character, Nixon is a jaded cyborg tax collector who is a little pissed his life wasn't what he thought it would be and happens to be the last hope for the robot race.

I'd be down for whatever projects Miller wanted to do. While I loved SIN CITY, with all the back and forth talks about a second and even a third, I really don't get as antsy about it anymore. As I expected, L'Heureux did bring up the third, "With 'Sin City' just on the horizon I don't think we'd be able to do it with Frank right away. As simple as 'Sin City' seems, it's a very complex scheduling with all these actors and it's a very demanding shoot to be on a sound stage all day long. We have to space it for Frank. There's also talk, of course, of 'Sin City 3'."

Extra Tidbit: I had to add that cover for 'Hard Boiled'. What's one of your favorite comic covers? Any comic. I'm anxious to see what you guys come up with.
Source: Mania



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