Bojack Horseman's fourth season unveils new trailer!

I love Netflix's dark animated comedy series BOJACK HORSEMAN. It's funny, surreal, but most of all it's sincere and emotional as hell. Sure it's full of dumb puns (Bojack once did a song with Run DMC called "Trot this Way"), sight gags (a guy saying sorry to his cow waiter after ordering a burger), and off-beat story tangents (like J.D. Salinger being alive and wanting to make game shows); however, it's also full of scenes like Bojack's dream sequence imagining a better life for himself and the tragic death of Sarah Lynn. This show pulls no punches.

Which is why I'm excited for this new season. Not only does it seem to be getting more surreal (ant-people?), but also more dramatic (that scene with Mr. Peanut-Butter seemingly attacking Diane was intense), as well as funnier than ever (the fact that the entire message Diane sent Bojack was useless was a great gag to end the trailer on).

Anyway, sign me up!

Meanwhile, BOJACK HORSEMAN's fourth season will begin streaming on Netflix September 8th.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder what fucked up thing Bojack will do this season?
Source: YouTube



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