Boll's latest is Good?

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Lots of things have been predicted to happen on the day pigs fly. And as they say, these last few months swine "flu"... So whaddaya know, lots of critics are stunning themselves by writing positive reviews for a Uwe Boll film.

RAMPAGE is unsurprisingly an "ode to violence" and probably less based on a video game than on a wet dream of "Dr." Boll's as it follows the point of view of a sociopath who builds himself a body armor and goes on a murderous spree around town. Think Dexter if he had been adopted by Bill O'Reilley. It stars Boll fixtures Brendan Fletcher and Michael Paré, along with Matt Frewer whom I still say should give us Max Headroom back. Why not? Everything else from the 80s is being recycled and exploited!

Nobody calls it a great film, but most early reviews, primarily from a screening at this year's Fantastic Fest, elevate it way above what the spawn of Ed Wood usually offers. Here's what a few of them had to say.

  • Slash Film calls it "the movie that Postal should have been. It is Falling Down without the morals.Not just good in comparison to the rest of his filmography, but a good movie in its own right."
  • Film School Rejects applauds that "a charismatic performance from Brendan Fletcher and some impressive, twisted action, combine to make for Boll’s most impressive (and most fun) work to date."
  • Film.Com describes it as "Uwe Boll's explosive entry onto the moviemaking scene as a real, honest-to-god filmmaker. He's not adapting a property, he's not spoofing anything."
  • Quiet Earth instructs viewers to "Forget anything you ever knew about Uwe Boll. This is solid cinema and deserves praise."

I've never really followed his movies, though I like Uwe Boll as an entertainer; his declarations and shenanigans are always a hoot. But I have to ask those who did see RAMPAGE: is he really becoming a filmmaker we should take seriously?

Extra Tidbit: Remember when Boll made a little jab at Michael Bay? I'd like to see him follow up on that and announce he'll direct a Gobots movie. With Megan Fox. That'd be the laugh of the decade!
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