Boll's still a Far Cry

Before people in the videogame industry had a chance to see director (should that be in quotes?) Uwe Boll's HOUSE OF THE DEAD or ALONE IN THE DARK, they happily handed over movie rights to numerous properties, including the first-person shooter FAR CRY.

While Boll’s latest potentially toxic cinematic endeavors DUNGEON SIEGE and POSTAL await their escape from whatever hazardous materials containment unit currently houses them, he’s prepping his next victim. Boll has already lined up a hero for FAR CRY, none other than hunky German superstar Til Schweiger (KING ARTHUR, DRIVEN), who Boll reminds us has three movies on Germany’s top 50 moneymakers list.

The FAR CRY game plunked players into the shitkicking shoes of Jack Carver (can we please have a moratorium on "Jack" as Generic Tough-Guy Name?), an ex-military guy who runs a boat charter service. While escorting a reporter to a mysterious tropical island, Jack uncovers a sinister plot that requires shooting hundreds of faceless mercenaries.

Boll, currently putting the finishing moves on his Vietnam flick TUNNEL RATS, plans to unleash his own brand of havoc in Vancouver this June by capturing images on camera, sometimes known in proficient hands as “filmmaking”.
Extra Tidbit: It's true: someone already gave POSTAL a great review.
Source: Fangoria



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