Bond breaks multiple records as Skyfall secures a $77.7 million international opening

Skyfall quad trimmed

This news should come as little surprise to anyone who read the review from our resident Bond fanatic Chris Bumbray, but the weekend is over and SKYFALL has done incredibly well for itself.  So well, in fact, that not only did it secure an impressive opening weekend of $77.7 million, but it also broke several records while doing so.  As you do.  Because you're Bond.  So let's take a look at them, shall we?

- Opened across 25 different markets this weekend and placed #1 in every single one of them.

- Made $32.4 million in the UK alone.

- IMAX showings across 790 theaters brought in $3.5 million, which is the format's largest opening for a non-holiday, non-summer title.

- Broke the all-time attendance record for a Saturday in the UK, and on top of that managed to grab the #2 opening UK weekend in history right behind HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2.  But here's the kicker: that was the 3D version of POTTER.  Meaning Skyfall nearly made the same amount without special assistance of any kind (the IMAX returns, as you can see, didn't make up a huge portion of the weekend's receipts).

So there you have it! Reviews are glowing, and all accounts seem to indicate that SKYFALL is on its way to becoming the most successful Bond film in recent memory - both in terms of public/critical opinion and in Box Office receipts.  Which isn't a bad way to be, really, especially when we've already hit the 50th Anniversary of the franchise as a whole and are only two entries away from the 25th official film.

Extra Tidbit: Other Bond Box Office numbers: DR. NO made $43.4 million internationally, THUNDERBALL made $77.6 million, QUANTUM OF SOLACE made $407.7 million, and CASINO ROYALE made an impressive total of $432 million (and $599 million in total worldwide).



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