Boogie Interviews: Eddie Huang, Taylor Takahashi, and Taylour Paige!

In 2015, television audiences quickly took notice of the series Fresh of the Boat, and the story of a Taiwanese family resonated with all sorts of fans. Based on the book by Eddie Huang, there was much to be admired about the sitcom. Yet Eddie's latest is far from the cute and cuddle world of a TV family. BOOGIE is the story of a troubled Alfred "Boobie" Chin, who also happens to be an exceptional basketball player. For Huang's feature film directorial debut, he wanted to tell a far more provocative tale, one that examines high school in a raw and honest way. The film features newcomer Taylor Takahashi and Taylour Paige, and it is currently playing in select theatres.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to the writer/director and stars of the film, Huang, Takahashi, and Paige. For both Taylor and Taylour - the name issue can be complicated when addressing the two together - they opened up about bringing Huang's dialogue to life. The two were wonderful to speak with, and they both have a deep respect for the man that created these characters.

For Huang, who is known for his writing, his work as a chef and food personality, as well as an attorney and filmmaker. He discussed what appealed to him about the story of Boogie, and especially casting Taylor Takahashi. It was an intriguing choice bringing on an actor with no real acting experience to carry the film. Boogie doesn't shy away from creating teens that don't always play by the rules. It's a coming of age story that feels a little different from what we usually see hitting theatres. I'm very curious about what's next for Eddie Huang after this edgy little feature film. 

Source: JoBlo.com

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