Boomerang unveils new animated series Care Bears: Unlock the Magic

While living in the age of "What's old is new again," Cloudco Entertainment has announced that the Care Bears are returning for an all new animated series. Titled CARE BEARS: UNLOCK THE MAGIC, the latest adventures of the adorable, huggable, love machines with magical abs is headed to Boomerang's subscription service, and will feature the characters as they explore the areas around their home, Care-a-lot, called the Silver Lining. Along their journey the do-good group will encounter new creatures, make new friends, and generally find themselves in a series of situations where love must prevail.

One of the new character to be introduced is named Dibble, who is said to be “as eager as a puppy [and] as curious as a kitten.” In my opinion, Dibble looks like if Nintendo's Kirby ate a strawberry cream puff. Don't believe me? You can take a look at the little guy for yourself below:

While the Care Bears use words to communicate with one another, Dibble will emit a series of coos and other sounds. The character also has a unique way of getting around, as she travels on her own personal cloud. As she warms to the Care Bears and their hippy commune ways, Dibble is steadily looked upon as a friend and pet of the maul of magical bears.

Cloudco Entertainment currently has 48 11-minute episodes of CARE BEARS: UNLOCK THE MAGIC in production, though a release date has yet to be announced. For those of you who do not subscribe to Boomerang's streaming service, you should know that select episodes of the show will air on Boomerang TV for a limited time following the premiere of the upcoming animation.

Additionally, while I'm sure that other characters will be added to the cast, we can confirm that Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Sunshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Good Luck Bear will all be making an appearance. That being said, if Tenderheart Bear doesn't show up, I will riot.

If you or your children are interested in CARE BEARS: UNLOCK THE MAGIC, be sure to keep your eyes open and your ears tuned for a release date.

Source: Boomerang



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