Boss Level: Interviews with Frank Grillo, Joe Carnahan & Selina Lo

Here at JoBlo, we’ve been singing the praises of BOSS LEVEL pretty much all week long. Making its debut on Hulu, this Joe Carnahan-directed action flick is a delicious, hard-R-rated throwback to the eighties and nineties action classics many of us grew up on. Sadly, not many films of its ilk are still being made, so when a movie like this manages to come to the screen in all its gruesome glory, it should be celebrated!

As such, we were lucky to sit down with the film’s director, Joe Carnahan, and star Frank Grillo, as they discussed the challenges of making a relatively modest-budgeted action flick look like a $100 million+ blockbuster. They also discussed the appeal of R-rated movies, the physical challenges of the shoot, and more. Check it out!

We also got the chance to talk to Selina Lo, who steals every scene she’s in as one of the “bosses” Grillo has to face, with the two having a wicked sword-fight that’s the action highlight of the film.

Boss Level is streaming on Hulu now. Internationally, it hits VOD next week. 

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