Boss looks to get even better in season two in this new trailer

As with movies, I have a varied taste when it comes to television series. My only caveats are that it has to be well acted and well written. Starz' BOSS has both of those traits in spades.

In it's first season, BOSS managed to cram in political intrigue, criminal underworlds, excellent cinematography, great one liners from Kelsey Grammer, and some very nice nudity thanks to the gorgeous Kathleen Robertson.

After winning the Golden Globe for Best Actor, there was no doubt that this little watched show would be back for at least one more season. I hope it continues for much longer than that.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, it follows Tom Kane, the Mayor of Chicago (Kelsey Grammer) who is diagnosed with a degenerative disorder that will make him unable to serve in office for much longer. But, that does not stop Kane from trying to cement his legacy of power by any means necessary. The excellent cast also stars Troy Garity, Hannah Ware, and Connie Nielsen (who will always remind me of the final twenty minutes of THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE).

Check out the season two trailer below.

BOSS premieres on August 17th on Starz. If you are a fan of quality drama, check out season one as soon as you can. Here is a photo of Kathleen Robertson in character to try and convince you.

Source: Starz



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