Box teaser poster

It's not that kind of box, it's Richard Kelly's THE BOX.

Sorry, it's terribly hard to not make some sort of sexual joke when it comes to the movies title.

As for the news, this new teaser poster for BOX is pretty cool. This BOX reminds me of another box. Both very terrifying boxes. Well, the puzzle box from HELLRAISER is creepy. The BOX that Cameron Diaz and Jason Marsden get ahold of has potential to be scary.

Richard Kelly is a great director in my opinion. I was one of maybe 8 people who actually liked SOUTHLAND TALES. When DONNIE DARKO came out, I watched it over and over trying to get something new out of the tale. That's really what I like about Kelly's films. They make me want to dissect the hell out of them. I have a feeling this one will too.

Extra Tidbit: I'm sorry for using BOX so many times. I just couldn't help myself. I promise it won't happen again...vagina coastguard.
Source: Empire



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