Brad Pitt must save the world from zombies in this trailer for World War Z

One minute you're sitting in traffic just having a nice moment with your family, and the next moment...

You're f*cked.

Well, maybe not if you're Brad Pitt and you apparently have a particular badass skill set for dealing with situations like this-- zombie situations, that is. In the trailer for WORLD WAR Z, we get to see a glimpse had how things begin to where we get a solo Pitt helping out the government. While I am waiting for some jackass at the library to bring back the book from Max Brooks, I do know that several complaints from the fans had to do with the fact that a story like this was best suited for a mini-series or a network like HBO. The trailer looks pretty decent, but the CGI zombies are bothering me. I'm also not into the the fast moving ones, but in all honesty, if it involves zombies I'm going to watch it.

Check out the trailer below. No synopsis as of yet.

Source: Apple Trailers



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