Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to star in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's remake of The Crow

Oh boy.

Heat Vision reports that Bradley Cooper is in early negotiations to star in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's remake of THE CROW.

While I do like Cooper from time to time, I have zero enthusiasm. Obviously it's hard to ever replace the great performance of Brandon Lee, but choosing Cooper is like choosing Eric Mabius (awesome guy, not so much for THE CROW).

Relativity has been moving rather quickly on the remake. The director of 28 WEEKS LATER is said to have met with Cooper in Spain recently, where the two hit it off and shared a vision for the character and the film. Relativity would not confirm Cooper's involvement, but sources say that the actor is enthusiastic to join the project. Production on the remake will begin in Fall.

When Fresnadillo was brought on as director, Relativity and producer Edward R. Pressman said that the project, "will be a reboot of the iconic cult character Eric Draven, who’s resurrected as The Crow to avenge his wife’s murder so he can reunite with her in the hereafter, as first envisioned by graphic novelist James O’Barr."

What do you guys think of Cooper as Eric? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. I can guarantee one thing, James O'Barr will not be amused when I chat with him about this at Dallas Con. Maybe he'll like it better than the Jason Statham suggestion he told me about...

Extra Tidbit: While you may find a remake unnecessary (it's happening regardless), who would you choose to star as Eric?
Source: Heat Vision



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