Bradley Cooper might just be the Devil for director Alex Proyas

Bradley Cooper may be hot in Hollywood, but he's no angel.

The opposite, in fact, if he joins PARADISE LOST. Cooper is in talks to play Lucifer himself in director Alex Proyas' ambitious adaptation of John Milton's challenging text.

The Legendary Pictures project will be an epic action story revolving around the war in Heaven between the archangels (the stuff the characters discussed but we never saw on the last couple of "Supernatural" seasons). It's unknown how much of the Adam and Eve aspects will come into play, but the movie is expected to feature aerial battles and may be filmed in 3D.

Scott Derrickson (THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL) was previously working on an adaptation of the poem that would have potentially featured Daniel Craig as Satan, so obviously they're going the handsome charmer route with Hell's ruler.

Interestingly, Cooper has also recently been linked to a reboot of THE CROW, which Proyas directed back in 1994. You'll see his latest unholy antics soon in this summer's THE HANGOVER PART II.

Extra Tidbit: Flipping through cable channels recently, I saw Cooper in some TV movie where he played the agent of a fictitious A-list actor, played by Jason Priestly. Seems like one of them is doing slightly better now...
Source: Variety



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