Bradley Cooper takes Jude Law's place in Jane Got A Gun

What started out as a well intention idea has now quickly become kind of a mess. Natalie Portman just wanted to make a western with a female at the heart. She thought everything was going good with Lynne Ramsay (WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN) at the helm, Joel Edgerton set to play the former flame, and Jude Law as her villain. Then the first day of shooting comes and Ramsay doesn't even show up, and the reason given is creative and contract problems. Apparently it's all gossip and slander at this point. Then Law decides to drop his role because the only reason he signed on was to work with Ramsay.

But the seats have since been filled: Gavin O'Connor (WARRIOR) is the new helmer and Bradley Cooper has recently come in to replace Law as the bad guy.

Cooper is in as, "Bishop, the man whose gang has shot up the estranged outlaw husband of a woman (Portman) who knows they are coming to rout her farm, because that husband has come home to heal. She turns to a former lover (Edgerton) for help."

Filming is now taking place in New Mexico. Bradley is said to come in at a later date to film his parts.

Source: Deadline



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