Bradley Cooper tries to give money to Eva Mendes in a clip from The Place Beyond the Pines

It's March, which means we finally get to see Derek Cianfrance's THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES.

Until the 29th gets here, we must fill our void with a clip from the film. In this one, Bradley Cooper tries to give Eva Mendes the money recovered from her home. Basically she tells him to "f*ck off." The biggest question is: Why? Why would he try to give her the money? Is he trying to incriminate her? His sentiment does seem sincere. Has he developed a thing for her? Or does he just feel sorry that her baby daddy (Ryan Gosling) is soon to be put away by him? I'm fairly certain it's one of those scenarios, but until the release we won't know.

Can't wait to see it.

Synopsis: The film powerfully explores the consequences of motorcycle rider Luke (Ryan Gosling)’s fateful decision to commit a crime to support his child. The incident renders him targeted by policeman Avery (Bradley Cooper), and the two men become locked on a tense collision course which will have a devastating impact on both of their families in the years following.

THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES drops on March 29, 2013.

Source: JoBlo.com



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