Braga dances Mambo

Alice Braga (I AM LEGEND) has signed on to co-star with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker in the futuristic thriller REPOSSESSION MAMBO for Universal. The film will take place in a future where human organs are in high demand and those who default on payments are subject to a brutal repossession. Law will play a former repo man who defaults on payments for his artificial heart and is hunted by a former colleague (Whitaker). Braga will play Law's former lover who meets up with him while on the run. Miguel Sapochnik will make his feature directorial debut on the project with Eric Garcia writing the script based on his own novel. Universal pushed ahead production on the film to beat to the punch another organ repossession film, the Lionsgate horror-musical REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA. I don't think there's much competition here considering MAMBO has Jude Law and Forest Whitaker and OPERA has Paris Hilton... Filming on MAMBO is expected to begin this October.

Extra Tidbit: Sonia Braga is Alice's maternal aunt.
Source: Variety



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