Branagh Confirms Thor

Although it was a pretty much done deal that Kenneth Branagh was to direct THOR, the actor finally confirmed the news himself, and had the following to say about the project:

We're getting the story and visual effects together and all of that is very exciting.color="#800000">

Many eyebrows were raised when Branagh was announced as the film's director, however if you think about it, the choice falls in line with other superhero films of late, and their orientation towards more intelligent, thought-provoking fare. If that is indeed the direction Marvel wants to take with THOR, than Branagh is most definitely an inspired, and fitting choice.

Now on to who will play the titular character--a question that has become one of the most hottly contested on the web. Personally I think they will cast a relative unknown, but I also predicted Colin Hanks would play the next Batman before Bale was cast, so what do I know.
Extra Tidbit: Are you guys more excited for THOR or CAPTAIN AMERICA?
Source: IMDB



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