Breaking Dawn split?

Taking a page out of a vastly superior fantasy novel series-turned-blockbuster franchise, Summit may opt to split BREAKING DAWN, the final chapter of the TWILIGHT series, in half. This comes with the realization that A) It may be hard to turn an 800 page book into a coherent movie and B) It will make them approximately twice as much money by doing so.

This isn’t a done deal yet, as there are downsides, like having to pay everyone double for being in two movies, but I have to think that when all is said and done, they’ll greenlight the decisions as being more than cost effective.

There’s also the little problem of the absolute batshit insanity that populates the last book. I’m not one to bash TWILIGHT fans for their slavish devotion to the series, because as Kevin Smith says, it’s teenage girl STAR WARS, but when you actually hear just what happens in BREAKING DAWN, you have to think that the book might just be completely unfilmable.

I don’t need to go into detail here, because thankfully Devin Faraci over at CHUD has already done that for me. That piece is spoiler heavy to be sure, but read it and tell me there is a way to make this into a movie where everyone doesn’t run out of the theater laughing.

Update: What I said about not bashing fans no longer stands after I was just directed to MyLifeisTwilight. Good. God.

Extra Tidbit: I can just see Taylor Lautner reading the script for BREAKING DAWN. “I fall in love with WHO? I’m out. You can call Ben Barnes.”
Source: Variety



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