Breck Eisner is the latest director for the Escape from New York remake

Like Snake Plissken himself, the remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK isn't dead, despite what you may have heard.

New Line has been applying the defibrillator to Snake for a while -- originally, Gerard Butler was going to wear the patch as the surly antihero, with Len Wiseman and Brett Ratner each briefly sitting in the directors chair.

The latest guy to take a crack at trying to bring the monocular merc into the new century is Breck Eisner, who started out behind the camera with SAHARA, and has been on the remake train ever since. (His last film was an update of George Romero's THE CRAZIES, and over the years he's been attached to new versions of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, FLASH GORDON and David Cronenberg's THE BROOD.)

The project went through a number of scripts, but Eisner is reportedly sticking with the most recent draft from Allen Loeb (WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS). Heat Vision says it "tries to mix an origin story for anti-hero Snake Plissken and merge it with the story of the 1981 original."

Kurt Russell is not amused.

Extra Tidbit: Planned Plissken projects that never materialized: a video game, a TV series, an anime, and a sequel called ESCAPE FROM EARTH.
Source: Heat Vision



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