Brendan Fraser to take on his own version of Taken by starring in action-thriller Split Decision

Brendan Fraser in Mummy 3

I often look at Brendan Fraser and think "now there's a man who I believe could, if pushed to the edge, majorly f*** my shit up." Okay, so I've actually never thought that. 

Doesn't mean it couldn't happen though - Fraser was kind of really great in GODS AND MONSTERS, and perhaps the time is right fourteen years later for him to be kind of really great again.  Though it would be in an entirely different sort of story, as Fraser's new starring vehicle SPLIT DECISION centers around two kids who "witness a murder while on a wilderness camping trip with a family friend. When two criminal brothers start to hunt down the children to silence them, Fraser’s father-figure sets out to rescue them."

The criminal brothers in question will be played by Dominic Purcell ("Prison Break") and Ethan Suplee (UNSTOPPABLE, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, REMEMBER THE TITANS).  The movie was written and directed by Damian Lee (SACRIFICE and a whole host of other direct-to-DVD goodness) and is set to shoot in Ontario "shortly."

So how about it? Can you take Brendan Fraser seriously as a father on the edge? I actually enjoyed him recently in a so-so little flick called THE AIR I BREATHE, but still...

Rachel Weisz bound

News articles don't get much better than when THE MUMMY's Rachel Weisz is involved.

Extra Tidbit: What are the chances of this going straight to DVD?



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