Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy will be reteaming once more

Scorsese and De Niro, Scott and Crowe, Burton and Depp. Now Ratner and Murphy? It seems the director has found his muse. Ratner has credited Murphy with inspiring his RUSH HOUR series, and has now teamed with him for TOWER HEIST and the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony that Ratner is producing and Murphy will host.

But the duo now has another project in the works, according to The Wrap, though no details have been revealed yet and Ratner will only say: “I’d make anything with Eddie.”

He seems to think that TOWER HEIST was a brilliant collaboration between the two that he wants to repeat, but I think many would disagree. The films $25M opening was less than expected (but Ratner dismisses it as being in a “soft market”) and speaking for myself, I don’t really view it as a return to form for Murphy. Yes, he was being Eddie Murphy and wasn’t in a fatsuit, but the character didn’t really even show up until halfway through the film, and wasn’t really an integral part of the plot nor did he have much chemistry with the rest of the cast.

But will another film do the trick? Outside of the original Rush Hour, I have trouble having faith in Ratner about much of anything, but I guess we’ll see. And no, this is not BEVERLY HILLS COP 4, though Ratner does say he wants to make that some day.

Extra Tidbit: What did YOU think of TOWER HEIST and Murphy’s role in it?
Source: The Wrap



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