Bridget Jones 3 needs a new director, preferably someone British

Hey, BRIDGET JONES 3 needs a director, know anyone?

Paul Feig (BRIDESMAIDS) has chosen to drop out of helming the third installment of the franchise. Universal Pictures and Working Title Films just weren't clicking with Feig and think "that maybe this is just a quintessential British comedy that needs a British sensibility."

Whatever floats your boat. If they decided to abandon ship on this thing all together, it wouldn't matter much to me. I was never in love with the BRIDGET JONES character.

The studio is on a quick search for a new director so they can start production in January with Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are apparently eager to return.

Don't worry about Feig though. He's got a couple of projects to write for Judd Apatow. One of them is the Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm comedy about a guy obsessed with a girl. Then Feig will move to a BRIDESMAIDS sequel. Jon Hamm probably won't be back for that. Maybe he can do a Sergio movie.

Source: Deadline



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