Bright offers new photos of an Elven Edgar Ramirez

Man, I've been championing Netflix's new urban-fantasy film BRIGHT since I first heard it announced. While the plot "END OF WATCH meets LORD OF THE RINGS where a seasoned human cop must partner up with the city's first Orc on the force" sounds like a fantasy version of ALIEN NATION, I still think it sounds awesome. I mean, what's wrong with ALIEN NATION?

Anyway, it seems more set pics have surfaced, this time showcasing Edgar Ramirez as a flamboyant Elf (possibly gangster?), Let's have a look:

I seriously love everything about this. Of course Elves would be rich, sanctimonious douchebags. 

And here's another image from the film, this one again showing off Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as the mismatched main characters:

Like I said, I'm all in. While I know there's been some hubaloo about it being written by Max Landis and directed by David Ayer, I don't really see them as insurmountably awful. I mean, I just saw Max Landis' video about wrestling, which I really, really enjoyed despite myself, and I actually like most David Ayer films I've seen (honestly, pretty much all of them save SUICIDE SQUAD, which even that had its moments). And I also have faith in Netflix, which has been earned some leeway by producing such amazing things like STRANGER THINGS, BOJACK HORSEMAN, season 3 of BLACK MIRROR, and FULLER HOUSE.

So here's hoping, after a few missteps with LAST WITCH HUNTER and SORCEROR'S APPRENTICE, we can finally have a proper, awesome, big-budget urban-fantasy film! Or, at the very least, a fun trainwreck. Honestly, it's a win-win either way in my book.

Extra Tidbit: In the tabletop RPG SHADOWRUN, every 6,000 years the population "Goblinizes" and mutates into fantasy creatures. It's unclear if that's the origin in BRIGHT, or if it will be more of an alternate world thing (which I'd prefer).
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