Bring Paranormal Activity 4 to your city first by voting for it online

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The first full trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 appeared two days ago - some people liked it, some people didn't like it, and either way it continues to exist. But if you're a fan of the series, whether be it legitimately or simply because of the sadistic enjoyment you derive from watching other people shoot out of their seats with every jump scare, then this promotion may be for you.

You might have noticed that the poster which appeared with the trailer had a button-like thing on it reading "want it."  Well, if you head on over to the Facebook page for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 you'll see a simliar button on the right between "Photos" and "Top Cities."  Clicking in that will in turn bring your city one step closer to being on that "Top City" leaderboard, though you're going to have to contend with Brazil as whole as the people there for some reason seem to really f***ing want to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 (they have three cities in the top 24).

You can also head on over to the movie's website and do your voting there as well.

“The success of ‘PARANORMAL ACTIVITY’ began with the fans who have championed the movie franchise from the very beginning through social media,” said Amy Powell, Executive Vice President of Interactive Marketing. “Now we're creating an even more dynamic experience among the film’s community of fans and for the first time, we're giving them an opportunity to go head-to-head on Facebook with fans around the world to determine the 25 cities who get to see ‘PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4’ before it opens.”

Are you going to try and rally your friends and their friends and their friends to bring PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 to your town? And if so, how?

Extra Tidbit: There are 955 million people using Facebook. I feel dirty now.
Source: FacebookParamount



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