Brittany is an Other

Brittany Murphy had a good thing going for a while. While they weren't all hits, she had an impressive run of movies in the early 2000s from 8 MILE to LITTLE BLACK BOOK to JUST MARRIED. Then after she wrapped filming on SIN CITY, things seemed to go down hill. There were rumors that she had a number of...issues that she was working out. Hopefully she's on the mend as her performance in the ultra indie flick THE DEAD GIRL wasn't half bad. She's got another role in the upcoming fantasy comedy THE OTHER SIDE where she'll star with Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi, Tim Roth, Jim Broadbent and Lili Taylor. Sounds like a pretty impressive cast. It follows a grad student (Murphy) doing research on an island who discovers "an eccentric community of characters who are hiding a secret." Kind of like "Lost" but funnier. Filming is scheduled to begin this November, even though Lee will be right in the thick of filming another season of "My Name Is Earl." Speaking of Lee, we're still disappointed about this.

Extra Tidbit: Murphy will be the first to ever lend a voice to classic Disney character Tinkerbell when she gets her own spinoff film.
Source: Variety



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