Brolin hates Mexicans

Josh Brolin sure is spreading himself around -- when he's done doing the villian thing again for Oliver Stone in WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, he'll head south of the border (again) and battle evil Mexicans in CARTEL.

In the film, Brolin will enter the grim world of Mexican drug cartels, trying to keep his son safe after his wife is brutally murdered.

The Universal project has been in the works for a while with manga-haired producer Brian Grazer, starting as a remake of the Italian film LA SCORTA before getting substantially rewritten as a star vehicle for Sean Penn... who left the project months ago on a "Hollywood sabbatical". Unsurprisingly, it's getting another rewrite for Brolin.

The movie will be the feature debut of award-winning director Asger Leth, of the 2006 documentary GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL.

Extra Tidbit: Temporary retirement seems popular in Hollywood -- Brolin's own wife Diane Lane supposedly quit the biz a couple years ago, and is already back to work.
Source: Variety



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