Brosnan to return for Bond 21

One of the crappiest things about being sick this weekend was missing out on all the BOND 20 hoopla that took place on Friday.  MGM held a press conference to announce the start of production on BOND 20 and was streaming it over the net and all kinds of cool stuff.  Of course, I was shivering in a heap on the couch, but that's another story.

Anywho, while talking about the next BOND movie, star Pierce Brosnan revealed that this may not be his last James Bond film after all.  When asked about the possibility of his return, Brosnan stated clearly, "Let's just be straightforward, I will do another one."  While I'm not the biggest James Bond fan in the World, it's of my humble opinion that Brosnan is the best Bond going these days and to try and replace him with a subpar version would be silly - especially if he's willing to return. Check out all the goings on (including downloads in Windows Media format) from the BOND 20 press conference at the film's official site here.

Source: MGM
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