Brothers gonna be hard

Garth Franklin over at Dark Horizons reminded us of a bit from last week that might not necessarily be considered 100% news, especially since Adam McKay revealed as much in an interview with CHUD around the time of the theatrical release of TALLADEGA NIGHTS, but if it is news any way, shape, or form, it’s most likely good news so here we have it. Suicide Girls conducted another, more recent interview with McKay, in which the writer/director re-confirmed that STEP BROTHERS, an upcoming comedy that will reunite stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly (which you can read more about HERE), will surely get a harder rating than we may be used to for such fare:

DRE:You have yet to direct an R-rated film, what rating will Step Brothers have?

ADAM:Step Brothers will be R rated. We’re not in any way censoring ourselves on this one. We’re not playing the PG-13 game. We’re not ever stopping language or nudity ever. Already there are a couple jokes that have nudity and just 25 pages into it we’ve already said f*ck about seven times.

Oh yeah, that’s right, McKay, don’t take any guff from those swine! The H is O!

Moreover, It seems that, due to the STEP BROTHERS schedule, McKay will not be almost surely not be able to direct his and Ferrell’s adaptation of the Frank Portman novel, KING DORK. Check out the full interview HERE to read more about these projects and even some words about the wonderful Upright Citizens Brigade.

Extra Tidbit: If you didn't get my "H is O" reference above, I insist you check out this Adam McKay short film from Saturday Night Live ("I'm the one who learned how to rollerblade...")
Source: Suicide Girls



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