Bruce Campbell's next

Nobody can pummel a Deadite or introduce a superhero like Bruce Campbell, so naturally we're interested in whatever The Chin has on his plate. No matter how weird or low-budget or made-for-cable.

Campbell is reportedly teaming with below-the-radar filmmaker Richard Stanley, best known for the trippy horror tale DUST DEVIL and the sci-fi flick HARDWARE (and for getting fired from THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU). Their rumored project is called VACATION, which would feature Campbell as a post-apocalyptic American who settles in the Middle East. Could be a tougher sell than THE MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN.

Campbell recently directed himself (playing himself) in MY NAME IS BRUCE, in which he's mistaken for his Ash character and is coerced into fighting an actual monster. The Chin also intends to return as elder Elvis in BUBBA NOSFERATU. Personally, I'm still holding out hope for a JACK OF ALL TRADES TV movie...
Extra Tidbit: Campbell has a supporting role on USA's upcoming series BURN NOTICE, about a CIA spook who gets "fired" and goes on the run.
Source: film ick



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