Bruce Willis awaits rescue in Extraction trailer

I remember the good old days when you used to be excited to hear Bruce Willis was in a movie. It made you want to see it, and that includes flicks like HUDSON HAWK. But Willis has been so hit and miss over the years, with such a disparity in quality between them. The highs have been really solid, making you lust for more good Bruce Willis films to come down the pike, and the lows have been low enough to make you wonder if anyone on the set of the movie knew he was actually sleepwalking through principal photography.

Toss EXTRACTION into the fray now, which makes it appear as if Bruce Willis has gotten to the point where he can sleep-sit his way through a flick and still receive a paycheck as if no one noticed or just didn't care.

In this one, Willis once again gets to play a retired CIA operative, only this time he's been kidnapped and is being held by international terrorists threatening to nuke the United States. With no good rescue operation on the table, his kid (Kellan Lutz) goes into business for himself and launches an offensive that'll get his pops out of harm's way and put the kibosh that threat.

It's like a reverse A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, except it looks even worse - as if we believed that was even possible. But it is, and I have the trailer to show you. You'll get some Gina Carano action as well, but that's not exactly the best selling point, is it?

EXTRACTION gets a day-and-date release in select theaters and on VOD on December 18.



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