Bruce Willis & Hayden Christensen go hunting in First Kill trailer

There’s no one like Bruce Willis to have on your side when your son goes missing, which is why Hayden Christensen should know better than to ignore his talents when his son is kidnapped in FIRST KILL. The first trailer for the movie has dropped, featuring Christensen as Will, a fancy Wall Street broker who must assist bank robbers who took his son, only to realize you can’t fight the law, and must then team up with the local police chief (Bruce Willis) to get his kid back. Yeah, plan A should always be “go to Willis”

For a movie that most likely won’t get a huge theatrical release it doesn’t look too shabby. The production values look pretty solid, and there seems to be a decent amount of tension between Willis and Christensen to make for a good bit of drama. Of course this will be more for the late-night action crowd, but really anyone who wants to see how rescuing a child is really done should check out Willis in action.

FIRST KILL is in theaters and On-Demand July 21.



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