Bruce Willis mails in another one for Precious Cargo trailer

Bruce Willis has bills to pay - pool guy, dry cleaner, personal chef, I imagine... And, in case you haven't figured it out yet, money doesn't grow on trees. That means some people have to keep working in order to maintain a certain quality of life. For Bruce Willis, that means doing movies like PRECIOUS CARGO.

Now we can all take a look at the trailer for a flick like this and wonder how in the hell did Bruce Willis sink to the level of making flicks with Zack Morris these days. And we can ponder what has happened to the legacy of Bruce Willis that this is where he currently finds himself... but I ask you this - Isn't it almost better this way?

Would you rather Bruce Willis make movies consistently like this, or would you rather Bruce Willis think aloud to himself "Why not another DIE HARD?" and then go about doing everything in his power to turn that into a real thing?

Hmmm... Suddenly PRECIOUS CARGO has a point, doesn't it? Suddenly PRECIOUS CARGO doesn't seem to be too bad of an option.

PRECIOUS CARGO opens in select theaters and on VOD on April 22.



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