Bryan Cranston continues being awesome, decides to write and direct Home Again

Bryan Cranston is a gentleman and a scholar. I could really just end this article on that alone, but you probably want to hear what he's up to next.

Aside from taking a million awesome roles in upcoming films like TOTAL RECALL and WORLD WAR Z, Cranston has decided to do a little writing and directing of his own. He plans to adapt David Wiltse‘s novel "Home Again" with the intent to start production next year. The film will also get a new title.

This isn't Cranston's first attempt at this though. Back in 1999, he wrote, directed, and starred in LAST CHANCE. So what is "Home Again" all about? Cranston explained:

"It’s basically a very strong father-son story, and a murder-mystery. An FBI agent who suddenly quits the department and takes his son and his wife and moves back to his hometown of Cascade, Nebraska, to rekindle family values and pay attention now. He’s been working for the FBI for years, so he’s been home sporadically. And his son is now sixteen, very sensitive, and looks upon his father like sort of a stranger… And then there’s a murder that happens in the little town that they move to, which kills [the father’s] whole stance on, 'Things are better in these small towns!' And then things unravel, and basically, the father and son come together at the end and save each other emotionally and literally.”

Source: Hollywood.com



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