Bryan Cranston vanishes from his life in dream-like Wakefield trailer

Bryan Cranston launched himself into the public eye like never before with his tremendous work on BREAKING BAD, and now he’s continuing to prove himself as one of our generation’s finest actors in movies like TRUMBO and ALL THE WAY. The former earned him his first Oscar nom, and if the trailer for his newest movie, WAKEFIELD, showcases anything it’s that Cranston will continue to deliver showstopping work...this time looking like a homeless man under the bridge.

The story of Howard Wakefield (Cranston) disappearing from his mundane life to observe it from the outside is something many people in the same situation have only fantasized about doing. This movie brings the fantasy into reality, and this footage is both melancholic and a bit quirky, and the movie itself has earned positive early reviews thanks mostly to Cranston mesmerizing work. Of course there’s the list of big movies to see this year, but WAKEFIELD just shot onto my list of must-see smaller films for the year. I call it getting Cranstoned.

WAKEFIELD goes into limited release May 19 and VOD on May 26.

Source: IFC Films



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