Bryan Cranston will terrorize Naomi Watts in the thriller Holland, Michigan

In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session to help promote the documentary THE ACT OF KILLING, producer Errol Morris was asked about his other work besides documentaries, and Morris revealed he will be directing an awesome sounding film with Bryan Cranston, Naomi Watts and Edgar Ramirez (ZERO DARK THIRTY, WRATH OF THE TITANS) called HOLLAND, MICHIGAN.

Described as a, "darkly humorous suburban thriller," the movie will focus on Watts' character, a teacher who starts to think her sweet husband (Cranston) might be a serial killer as she begins an affair with a co-worker (Ramirez) with a violent history. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN will be the first feature by Errol Morris (although he has directed documentaries like THE FOG OF WAR and MR. DEATH), and it comes from a Blacklist script by Andrew Sodroski. Filming is scheduled to begin this spring.

Is there anyone here who doesn't love the sound of this project? I'm a huge fan of dark comedies, and with Bryan Cranston and Naomi Watts as the leads, I'm quite excited for this new movie. I do wonder just how dark Errol Morris' first feature will be, but right now I have my fingers crossed HOLLAND, MICHIGAN will be a darkly delicious treat.

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN will likely hit theaters sometime in 2015.

Source: RedditThe Wrap



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