Bryan Fuller and Starz bringing Neil Gaiman's American Gods to TV

Despite the failure of HBO to realize Neil Gaiman's novel AMERICAN GODS as a cable series does not mean that no one else will have the balls to try and make it happen. HBO has been home to countless quality programs over the years, including the fantasy epic GAME OF THRONES, but they just could not find a way to make AMERICAN GODS happen.

Starz is going to give it a shot and they may have found the perfect candidate to run it. HANNIBAL and PUSHING DAISIES showrunner Bryan Fuller has been announced to write the pilot for AMERICAN GODS while GREEN LANTERN and KINGS writer Michael Green will run the day to day operations of the series. Starz has also announced they are already moving forward with a full first season of the show. That means this is definitely happening people.

Gaiman himself will executive produce the show and issued this statement about the project.

“When you create something like American Gods, which attracts fans and obsessives and people who tattoo quotes from it on themselves or each other, and who all, tattooed or not, just care about it deeply, it's really important to pick your team carefully: you don't want to let the fans down, or the people who care and have been casting it online since the dawn of recorded history. What I love most about the team, who I trust to take it out to the world, is that they are the same kind of fanatics that American Gods has attracted since the start. I haven't actually checked Bryan Fuller or Michael Green for quote tattoos, but I would not be surprised if they have them.”

For those unfamiliar, AMERICAN GODS follows the clash between the old and new gods. The mythological gods of the old world clash with the new modern, American Gods like Internet, Media, TV, and more. It may not be Gaiman's best work, but it is definitely a unique enough plot that it could make for a very intriguing television series.

Bryan Fuller has proven that he can bring quirky and bizarre worlds to life whether it be comedic (PUSHING DAISIES) or horrific (HANNIBAL) which is the absolute perfect mix for AMERICAN GODS. Green is a less proven commodity as KINGS was cancelled during it's first season, but with Gaiman giving his seal of approval, this is good news.

Starz has not set a premiere date for AMERICAN GODS, but you can expect we will bring you casting and production news as it develops.

Source: Cinema Blend



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